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Catalogue/Pelham Vital Records


Pelham Vital Records


Town Clerk Vital Records 1743-1865

As hand copied by Pelham Historian C. Frances Hobbs

Records kept alphabetically by family name, not chronologically

Introduction File (20.4 KB)

Town Clerk Vital Records 1743-1865 (15.3 MB)


Early Pelham Records & Residents Lists (2.88 MB) - (1722-1797)


Town Report Vital Records 1888-1951

As scanned from the Pelham Town Reports by Hayes and Genoter

Introduction File (27 KB)

Town Report Vital Records 1888-1951 (13.87 MB)


Town Reports 1856 - 2008



Gravestones ~ All Cemeteries ~ Earliest - 1906

Introduction (33.4 KB)
Click Here for a Map of Cemetery Locations


Gravestone Inscriptions Cemeteries Earliest to 1906

Included Cemeteries: Coburn-Lyon Cemetery, North Pelham Cemetery, Gumpus Burial Ground & Pelham Center Cemetery,

As handwritten by C. Parker Hildreth and Silas Coburn

In order as found on the ground plus handwritten index

Cemetery Gravestones Records Through 1906 (8.48 MB)


Gravestone Inscriptions All Cemeteries Earliest to 1906

Same as above typed by Melinde Lutz Sanborn, NHSOG

Computer indexed by Karen Genoter

Gravestone Inscriptions All Cemeteries Earliest to 1906 (NHSOG) (325 KB)


Atwood Cemetery Inscriptions

As handwritten by C. Parker Hildreth and Silas Coburn in August 1905

Atwood Cemetery Records (2.17 MB)


Gumpus Cemetery Inscriptions

In 1976 members of the Pelham Historical Society, assisted by High School students, copied and typed up all of the gravestone information from the Gumpus Cemetery. This work is particularly interesting because it contains all of the epitaphs. While there is no index associated with this work, the gravestones are list in sequentially as they were found on the ground.  Therefore, the 1906 Silas Coburn index will work for most of the gravestones recorded in 1976.

Gumpus Cemetery Records (1.66 MB)


Gravestone Inscriptions - Listed By Row

Atwood Cemetery (1.28 MB)
Gumpus Cemetery (1.62 MB)


Pelham Center Gravestones to 1965 (partial) (2.34 MB)
Recorded by recorded by C Francis Hobbs


Congregational Church Records 1751-1885

Baptisms, marriages, deaths, admissions & dismissals
Typed by category in alphabetical order

Introduction (20.5 KB)

Congregational Church Records 1751 - 1885 (3.76 MB)

Congregational Church Members 1795 (549 KB)


Pelham Tax Maps 2006

Introduction (18.7 KB)

Pelham Tax Maps 2006 (10.1MB)


Voter List

1881 Voter List (1.07 MB)


Tax List

1917 Tax List (6.26 MB)
1982 Tax Assessment List (1.05 MB)


Resident List

1750  Pelham  partial resident list (474 KB)


Longevity in Pelham (1.22 MB)


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