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Catalogue/Town of Pelham, NH Histories

Town of Pelham, NH Histories


1817 Farmer and Moore (430 KB)

1817 Pelham Gazetteer (282 KB)
1823 New Hampshire Gazetteer
(942 KB)
1831 Pelham Farmer's Annual Register
(2.06 MB)

1837 Pelham Farmer's Annual Register (1.88 MB)

1839 New England Gazetteer Description of Pelham (334 KB)

1844 The NH Annual Register & US Calendar (2.97 MB)

1846 The NH Annual Register & US Calendar (3.46 MB)
1857 Charlton (425 KB)

1857 Pelham Agricultural Transactions - NH State Agricultural Society (621 KB)

1857 Pelham Gazetteer (224 KB)
1860 History & Description of New England
(780 KB) by A. J. Coolidge, J. B. Mansfield

1871 Farmers Almanac (254 KB)
1872 New Hampshire Gazetteer
(816 KB)

1873 Farmers Almanac & Business Directory (576 KB)
1874 Board of Agriculture Annual Report (394 KB)
1874 The Pelham Gazetteer (280 KB)

1876 Farmers Almanac (339 KB)
1877 Farmers Almanac & Business Directory
(622 KB)

1878 Pelham Farmer's Almanac (776 KB)
1881 Pelham Business Directory (788 KB)

1892 History of Pelham, NH by Reverend Augustus Berry (1.88 MB)

1892 History of Pelham, NH by Reverend Augustus Berry (662 KB) Transcribed by Janice Brown

1909 History of Pelham, NH by C. W. Hobbs (3.31 MB)
1946 - 200th Anniversary of the Town of Pelham, NH (2.22 MB)

1974 - Pelham: Old Days & Old Ways (7.7 MB)

Mrs. C. Frances (Hobbs) McLucas was a former president of the Pelham Historical Society.  She felt strongly about the lack of written History of Pelham.  At the time of her death she was compiling this story of town history and of the Hobbs family.  We The Pelham Historical Society were requested to publish it.  We present it in its entirety - unedited and unfinished - just as Mrs. McLucas left it.

Pelham, NH Town Common

A History of the Pelham Town Common (3.86 MB)

Historic Resources at and surrounding Pelham Town Common, Pelham, NH (189 KB)

Pelham Town Common Photographs (2.76 MB)

Trolley Barn Photograph (272 KB)
1894 Special Town Meeting Pelham Center Traffic Problem (555 KB)
2009 Pelham Center NHDOT (13.24 MB)

Butler Bridge (Castle Hill Road Bridge)

Petition to Build the Butler Bridge  - March 6th, 1777 (1.25 MB)

Butler's Mill Falls & Bridge Aerial Photo  (325 KB)

NH Division Of Historical Resources Individual Inventory Form (5.78 MB)

Dam & Buildings Photo  (273 KB)

Mill Yard Photo  (247 KB)

Woolen Mills  (230 KB)

Joseph Butler Family  (337 KB)

The Butler Mills from 200th Anniversary Book  (272 KB)

Butler Bridge from NH Div of Historical Resources Inventory Form  (1.09 MB)

2008  Butler Bridge History - NHDOT  (1.88 MB)

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