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Catalogue/Neighboring Town Vital Records

Neighboring Town Vital Records


Between 1720 and 1746 portions of present day Pelham were part of Dunstable, Massachusetts, Nottingham, Massachusetts, Dracut, Massachusetts, the Nottingham District and the Dracut-Methuen Districts of New Hampshire. (click here for details)  For that reason, the early vital records of each of these political entities are included in the Hayes-Genoter On Line History and Genealogy Library. Between 1735 and 1775, a large number of families migrated from Bradford, Massachusetts to present day Pelham. For that reason, the early Bradford vital records are also included in the library.


New Hampshire

Hudson, NH

Early Church Records of Nottingham, Mass., Now Hudson, NH - 15 Pages (647 KB)


Londonderry, NH

Vital Records of Londonderry, NH - 324 Pages (5.05 MB)


Salem, NH

Vital Records of Salem, NH - 138 Pages (6.72 MB)



Andover, MA

Vital Records of Andover, MA - Link was broken - New link coming soon

Billerica, MA

Vital Records of Billerica, MA  to the Year end 1850 - 401 Pages (4.8 MB)


Boxford, MA

Vital Records of Boxford, MA  to the Year end 1849 - 273 Pages (5.02 MB)


Bradford, MA

Vital Records of Bradford, MA  to the Year end 1849 - 370 Pages (7.12 MB)

Chelmsford, MA

Vital Records of Chelmsford, MA  to the Year end 1849 - 457 Pages (7.75 MB)


Dracut, MA

Vital Records of Dracut, MA to the Year end 1850 - 298 Pages (6.51 MB)


Dunstable, MA

Vital Records of Dunstable, MA to the Year end 1849 - 238 Pages (5.43 MB)


Lowell, MA

Vital Records of Lowell, MA

Vital Records of Lowell, MA - 1826 to 1849 - Link was broken - New link coming soon


Methuen, MA

Vital Records of Methuen, MA - Link was broken - New link coming soon


Tyngsboro, MA

Vital Records of Tyngsboro, MA to the year 1849 - 118 Pages (1.25 MB)


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