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Catalogue/Miscellaneous Pelham Items


Miscellaneous Pelham Items


Pelham Census Lists

Census List Introduction (10 KB)

1790 (94 KB)

1810 (959 KB)

1820 (3.66 MB)

1830 (2.41 MB)

1840 (2.02 MB)

1850 (661 KB), 1850 in Alphabetical Order (231 KB)

1860 (1.88 MB)

1862 (1.49 MB) - Census of all able bodied male residents of Pelham

1870 (2.47 MB)

1880 (3.06 MB)

Pelham Population from 1767 - 1969 (232 KB)


Maps of Pelham, NH

1858 Map of Pelham, NH (49 KB) , 1858 East Side (60 KB) , 1858 West Side (71 KB)

1876 Town Center (30 KB)

1892 Map of Pelham, NH (90 KB) , 1892 East Side (55 KB) , 1892 West Side (1.66 MB)

1900 Map of Pelham, NH drawn by Mary Hillman Sherburne (64 KB)

Mary Hillman Sherburne, a daughter of Frank Hillman and Alice Greeley Hillman was born in 1888 and died in 1978 at the age 90.   In her later years she was a noted local artist.  Several of her paintings were displayed at the Art Exhibit held at the Pelham Public Library June 15, 1996.   At age 12, she prepared this map of Pelham, possibly as part of a school project.

Little Island Pond Map

Little Island Pond - Map 1 (422 KB)
Little Island Pond - Map 2 (544 KB)

Historical Area Map (138 KB) Unknown Date - This map shows the old town names.

It is a close up of this New England Map (129 KB).

U.S. Geographical Survey Map (340 KB) Unknown Date - George Otis Smith Director

Pelham Town Map 1816 (376 KB)


Biography of Benjamin Day, Stone Carver 1783-1855 (2.66 MB)

By Marilyn Day, Westford, MA 2005. Benjamin Day carved many of Pelham’s oldest gravestones. Photos. Narrative.


Gage-Cutter 1918 Quitclaim Deed (844 KB) 6 Pages
This original deed was donated to the Pelham Historical Society by Frederick and Ellen Merriam. 

The property described in this deed is now part of the Frederick Cutter Merriam Conservation Area
recently acquired by the Town of Pelham."

1894 Town Warrant (502 KB) 2 Pages
This is a Warrant for a Town Meeting, which in part proposes to limit traffic from crossing the town common.  Apparently people weren't using the roads, but crossing every which way.  Apparently there were traffic problems in and about the common back in the 1890s.  The original document is now owned by Cathy Pinette, who allowed us to scan it for our library.

Warrant for the Annual Meeting, March 14, 1871 (1.14 MB) 3 Pages
The original document is now owned by Cathy Pinette, who allowed us to scan it for our library.

Warrant for the Annual Meeting, March 10, 1885 (462 KB) 3 Pages
The original document is now owned by Cathy Pinette, who allowed us to scan it for our library.

Letters Written by Angeline H. Barker
Harriet Angeline Barker was born on  June 6, 1818, the daughter of Soloman Barker and Elizabeth (Betsy) Butler Barker. She was a sixth generation descendent of Richard Barker, who came to the Colony of Massachusetts during the Great Migration 1628-1642. He settled in Andover, in 1643.
The family migrated to Pelham by way of Methuen.
Her father was a farmer. The farm was on the west side of Mammoth Road, near the original Butler settlement, which explains why her mother was a Butler. Angeline  married and lived most of her adult  life in Ohio.

Mar. 26, 1841
Mar. 7, 1842

Congregational Church members 1840 (538 KB)

Congregational Church Pen & Ink (507 KB)

Pastorate at Pelham, NH 1847 - 1853 (2.97 MB)
Dedication to The Four Churches of Christ Whom Eden Burroughs Foster Served in his Life, and whose Love and Cooperation did so much to Make His Forty Years in the Ministry Happy and Efficient, This Volume is Gratefully Dedicated by his Son.

Cemetery By Laws (480 KB)
This document has an unknown author and date.

Invoices for Caskets, Coffins, Grave Clothes, etc.

In 1863 Moody Hobbs was a State Senator, a Selectman, surveyor and a lawyer without a license. He was Pelham's leading citizen.  During 1863, Charles William Hobbs, his son was away fighting in the Civil War.  Moody Hobbs married Elizabeth Spofford.  Elizabeth Spofford Hobbs died on May 18, 1863, one day earlier than the May 19th date on the invoice.  Clearly this is the invoice for her casket.
We have a letter from Charles William to his father Moody, discussing his mother's untimely death and that she would not be there to greet him when he returned from the war.

Charles William Hobbs letters regarding Mother's Death (695 KB)

May 19, 1863 Invoice (243 KB)

Trolley Wreck Railroad Commission Report - 10 Pages (1.55 MB)
This report lists the casualties, injured, witnesses as well as the Railroad Commissioner's Report on the trolley wreck.

Coffee Lots (760 KB)
This ad was placed in the Lawrence Evening Tribune on January 3, 1929.  The advertisement offered a free camp or house lot on Little Island Pond to every person who purchased three pounds of Monarch Coffee.  (Not over 2 lots to a customer.) Many lots were sold as a result of this advertising gimmick, and to this day the term "Coffee Lot" is often used to describe certain parcels of land on the pond.

Discover Salem - Pelham - Windham (9.17 MB) July 21, 2005
Special Supplement of The Salem Observer

Time Passages ~ Pelham Schoolhouse (246 KB) January 12, 2009
Written by Dean Shalhoup - Nashua Telegraph

Early Pelham Dracut Grants - 44 Pages (6.32 MB)

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