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Catalogue/John E. Hardy Pelham Family Histories


John E. Hardy Pelham Family Histories Section



A genealogical register of the descendants of George Abbot, of Andover;
George Abbot, of Rowley;
Thomas Abbot, of Andover;
Arthur Abbot, of Ipswich;
Robert Abbot, of Branford, CT;
George Abbot, of Norwalk, CT

Compiled by: Abiel Abbot & Ephriam Abbot
- 212 Pages (14.1 MB)



Baldwin Genealogy - 14 Pages (10.4 MB)



Barker Genealogy - 10 Pages (466 KB)



A. Batchelder & Son Early American Prescott School Double Bass
Augustus Batchelder was the son of Dr. Amos Batchelder, the uncle of Harry Atwood's wife (Carrie Stickney) and the uncle of Phil Currier's grandmother (Serena Stickney).  He grew up in the colonial at the intersection of Tenney and Nashua Road.  I assume the instruments were made in the barn attached to the house.  I am sure I have more information in my Batchelder and Stickney files.  The Sherburne's were also manufacturing musical instruments in this period.  Unfortunately, May gave away a beautiful bass to EG's cousin in Hollis.  I have been trying to get for the Historical Society.



Beard Genealogy - 3 Pages (3.77 MB)



Burnham Genealogy (cousin General Richardson) - 5 Pages (3.7 MB)



1848 Some Account of Deacon John Butler of Pelham, NH, and his descendants by Caleb Butler of Groton (337 KB)

1886 Butler Family Association 35 Pages (12.4 MB)

The Butler Family 108 Pages (4.15 MB)

Deacon John Butler, down to the Present Day. 1901.

A Historical and Genealogical Record Dating From James Butler, one of the first settlers of Nashaway, Afterwards named Lancaster, Mass., bringing only the descendants of his third child, Deacon John Butler, down to the Present Day. 1901.

Photo's & Inscription on the Butler Monument



The Cummings Memorial - A Genealogical History of the Descendants of Isaac Cummings
536 Pages
(24.5 MB)



A History of the Cutter Family of New England 383 Pages (27.4 MB)
A History of the Cutter Family of New England - Supplement 85 Pages (7.21 MB)



Genealogical Records of Desendants of John and Anthony Emery, of Newbury, Mass. 1590-1890
 621 Pages (15.2 MB)



Gage Family 3 Pages (785 KB)
Descendants of John Gage of Ipswich, MA 12 Pages (709 KB)
A Record of Pierce Gage and his Descendants 60 Pages (2.31 MB)



Descendants of John Grosvenor 3 Pages (269 KB)



Hillman Family 2 Pages (568 KB)



Hirsch Family Genealogy (3.21 MB)



Hobbs, James and Elizabeth 1 Pages (825 KB)



The Hovey Book 569 Pages (13.5 MB)



Descendants of Hugh Jones 8 Pages (5.26 MB)



A Genealogical Account of the Descendants of John Kelly of Newbury, MA 207 Pages (4 MB)



Littlehale Family in America (1633 to 1889) (French and Indian Wars) 171 Pages (10.9 MB)



Marsh Genealogy 16 Pages (683 KB)



Noyes Pedigree 10 Pages (1.29 MB)



The Ancestors of Peter Parker (Parker Butler Cummings) 36 Pages (2.29 MB)



Arthur H Peabody - 1890-1979 (306 KB)

Peabody Genealogy 637 Pages (11.2 MB)


History of the Reed Family (Wyman, Lyons, Gage) 600 Pages (28.8 MB)



The Richardson Memorial 359 Pages (14.8 MB)



A Genealogy of Runnels and Reynolds families in America (Gage) 383 Pages (8.84 MB)



Seavey Genealogy 3 Page (2.02 MB)



Burton Sherburne 1922 (584 KB)

Ancestors of Ernest Sherburne (468 KB)

Deacon James Sherburne 4 Pages (362 KB)

Descendents of James Sherburne (7.25 MB)



Spalding Memorial: A Genealogical History of Edward Spalding & His Descendants 671 Pages (39.1 MB)



A Family Record of the Descendants of John Spofford & Elizabeth 63 Pages (2.13 MB)
A Genealogical Record of Descendants of John Spofford & Elizabeth Scott
(Spofford Hobbs Stickney) 545
Pages (6.55 MB)



The Stiles family in America 721 Pages (13.4 MB)



The Descendants of Thomas Tenney 750 Pages (14.6 MB)
Tenney (Tenney, Ferguson, Woodbury) 3 Pages (570 KB)



The Tyler Genealogy: Descendants of Job Tyler - Vol. 1 431 Pages (21.1 MB)
The Tyler Genealogy: Descendants of Job Tyler - Vol. 2 371 Pages (18.4 MB)



The Varnums of Dracut, MA 388 Pages (19.9 MB)



Descendants of Thomas Wellman of Lynn, Ma (Wyman) 618 Pages (13.9 MB)



Wyman Genealogy 388 Pages (19.9 MB)


Early Settlers of Pelham, NH by Ruth Baldwin Williams


Part 1 - Early Settlers of Pelham, NH (2.8 MB)
Part 2
- A Baldwin Family (3.64 MB)

Part 3 - The Blodgett Family (2.96 MB)

Part 4 - The Davis Family (482 KB)

Part 5 - Our Aunts, Uncles & Cousins in Pelham, NH (618 KB)

Part 6 - The John Butler Family Family (608 KB)

Part 7 - The John Hamblett Family (344 KB)

Part 8 - The Merrill Family (373 KB)

Part 9 - The Moses Noyes Family (506 KB)

Part 10 - The Richardson Brothers (1.12 MB)

Part 11 - The Snow Family (365 KB)

Part 12 - The Webster Family (1.7 MB)

Part 13 - The Joseph Wyman Family (355 KB)

Part 14 - Church Records - 1st Church of Nottingham West, NH (1.93 MB)

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