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Just felt compelled to say kudos for getting these records online. Someone did a lot of work.

I wanted to find original records, as the publication for Deac. John Butler' descendants changed the original Abial (man's name) Butler to Abihail (either a man or woman) then when this was later republished, in two places Abihail was changed to Abigail. I was sure I was right, and it was nice to find a transcription of an original record.

Amy D
Leeds, Maine


Thank you for your email Mr. Hayes. I appreciate the quick reply! I did see your book on the Pelham
Historical Society's website along with a few other books. Pelham is really on the ball as far as
publishing local history books. Most of the other towns I have contacted have their historic
documents scattered all over town in people's attics and basements.  full testimonial

Lissie Cain - Assistant Acquisitions Editor
Arcadia Publishing


Pelham has the most comprehensive online local History and Genealogy library in New Hampshire. It is available to researchers at all times anywhere in the world

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I first want to say how impressed I was on your town's historical web site. It's the most complete, comprehensive, and easy to access of any other town historical compilation that I have seen to date. Congratulations on a job very well done for all those involved. This is certainly very impressive and comprehensive piece of work. and my hat is off to  you all... 


Peter G (North Carolina)

I just wanted to say what a wonderful site this is!  I live in Pelham and just discovered all this wonderful information.   I absolutely  love the pictures..

Mary Beth (NH)

Great website!!

I am just writing to congratulate you on your wonderful web page which was featured today on Eastman's Online Newsletter.  Keep up the good work.

Shirley P

Hi Karen,
I am a Pelham resident. I'm also a descendant from the Richardson family. My great-grandfather was Jesse P. Richardson (1899) of Dracut/ Pelham, he is a descendant from Thomas Richardson (1543) of Westmill, England, Thomas was Jesse's great (x10) grandfather. I came across your site and thought it was absolutely amazing!, you did a fantastic job! I have been tracing my tree for a long time and your site gave me so much fascinating information about my family. I also know that Mrs.Elanor Burton of Pelham, who I think everyone one in Pelham knows! is a descendant as well, her mother Emma Richardson was Jesse Richardson's sister. Thank you for all your hard work! It was great finding all this information on one site. I look forward to reading more!
Sherra L

I want to thank you so much for placing these records on line. My paternal grandmother's ancestors are mentioned in Walter Harriman's History of Warner NH on page 169, where he wrote that Andrew Seavey, a son of Amos Seavey of Rye, and Andrew's sons Burns, Marden and James were early settlers. Marden's wife was Mary Flanders but I have not been able to find out anything about Andrew.

Today I looked at the LDS family research website and found an entry for an Andrew Seavey marrying a Mary Lemon 12/25/1753 in Pelham, NH and listing five children, including sons Burns and Marden (no James mentioned). I Googled up your site and was able to find Andrew and Mary's marriage record under the Congregational Church records but so far I have found nothing else on it about them. Perhaps they were not in Pelham very long.

The Andrew Seavey I am trying to trace settled in Warner around the time of the American Revolution. If this is the same Andrew, perhaps there were older children who remained in Pelham and these sons were born in Warner. According to Harriman Marden was in Warner company in the War of 1812. My ancestor, Henry Marden Seavey was born in 1837 and a death record is on line for a daughter who was born in 1841. I don't have any death information for Marden yet.

If there is anyone else researching Andrew Seavey please share my contact information. The Harriman history was republished in 1975 for the Bicentennial and I think is available on line at Warner's website.

Thank you.,
K. Tucker L (PA)

Hi Bill,
Thanks for jumping through hoops for me, I appreciate it. I hope I'm not messing up your schedule too much today.

Dear Mr. Hayes,
I have been checking out your web site and am quite interested in "Aunt Molly's scrapbook." As the librarian for the Weymouth Historical Society, I have many documents that I would like to scan so the public can access them. Would you be able to tell me what program you used to clean up the newspaper articles? Any help would be greatly appreciated as we are all volunteers and are limited in our training.
Debbie Sullivan Weymouth Historical

Dear Sir,

I'm a caregiver working for an agency. One of my clients is a Veteran with lifelong ties to Pelham. If he could overcome his shyness, I'd take him to Senior Center. Now we play checkers and cards at his house, Occasional trips to bowling alley fit into budget.

This keeps his mind sharp, but he seems to be a history buff. We have 3 weekday possibilities to schedule an appointment to spend an hour in town enjoying historical sites or pictures.

J. Lane

Dear Bill,

I went to college in Salt Lake City, Utah to study mineralogy in the mid sixties and while I was there I took advantage of the Morman genealogy library to look up documents about the Hydes and the Sherburnes. I then gave the information to my mother who then saved it along with other information she had accumulated. I now have those loose-leaf notebook in my possession (4). They contain pictures and collections of notes and clippings. If this would be something the historical society would be interested in I would be happy to let you review them and copy whatever you wish. My sister and I have no children and she just has a passing interest in genealogy. Eventually, I would like to find things like this a "good home" rather than have them discarded. I also have a framed photograph of the family farm which consists of two pictures which have been overlapped and fastened together. The same photograph is illustrated in the anniversary book.

I have used the Pelham Historical Society's web site for several years now and it is TERRIFIC!! You and Ms. Genoter have done a wonderful job! Awhile ago, Mom had showed me the "Reflections" book you had developed for the Town's anniversary and later I ordered one for myself. It's funny but until she showed it to me I had never seen any pictures of my Great Grandfathers and Grandmothers!! It appears that my Great Grandfather Hyde was quite an individual! By the way, I have attached a pdf file about my grandfather Burton Sherburne which I found on the web. At the time he worked for the New Jersey state farm bureau

Thanks again ! I hope to be able to meet you in person in the near future.

Kind regards,