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Future Additions to the Library


The William Thomas Hayes Historical Collection contains more than 100,000 pages of Pelham specific paper and microfilm records and information. The materials in this collection were purchased or borrowed and copied from numerous sources. It is the goal HAYES-GENOTER HISTORY AND GENEALOGY LIBRARY to make this entire collection available to members of the Pelham Historical Society through the Pelham Historical Society’s website. The conversion process has already begun. The libraries initial offering contains nearly 40,000 pages of material. As each set of materials is converted to a digital format, it will be added to the library.

Our goal is to add about 10,000 pages per year as funding and time permits.

The following is a partial list of the materials that we hope to add to the on line library over time.

Original Town Records Conversion Project:

  1. Town Record Book # 1  The First 70 years

  2. Pelham Gravestone Epitaphs

  3. Cemetery Records maintained by the Pelham Cemetery Trustees.

  4. Town record Book 1844-1900

  5. Vital Record Book for the period 1861-1924

  6. Congregational Church Records 1797-1899

  7. 200th Anniversary Book

  8. Original Vital records Volumes  1-3 1746 to 1861

  9. Original Vital records Volumes  4 & 5 1861-1897

  10. Record of Fires 1890-1944

  11. Vital Statistics 1896-1955

  12. Law of Common Schools

  13. School District Records1824-1886

  14. Annual School District Meetings 1861-1945

  15. East and West Side Tax Lists 1839-1854

  16. Planning Board Minutes1973-1982

  17. Tax Records 1790-1892

  18. Resident Tax Warrants 1878-1905

  19. Non resident tax Warrants 1893-1909

  20. Tax Collectors Book 1889-1890

  21. Tax Warrants 1876-1885

  22. Town records April 1881-1883

  23. Selectmen’s receipt Book March 1811-December 1829

  24. Treasurer’s Book of Records 1800-1863 & 1868-1877

  25. Register of Mortgages 1833-1854

  26. Mortgages Recorded 1855-1900

  27. Voter Checklists 1892, 1894.1896-1903,1943-1969

  28. Transcript of the 240th Anniversary, Contents of 1886 Time Capsule,

  29. 200th Anniversary Guest Book


  1. Resident Lists Various Years 1721-1969

  2. US Census Lists

  3. Early Deeds

  4. Early Pelham Wills

  5. Materials on Bridges and Transportation

  6. Family Genealogies

  7. Aunt Molly’s Scrap Book-newspaper articles 1890-1950

  8. Revolutionary War Pension Documents

  9. Biographies of Successful Pelham Residents

  10. Indian History

  11. Materials from histories of parent and neighboring towns relating to Pelham

  12. Ancient Maps and Plans

Pelham Today

Today’s current events are tomorrow’s history.  Consequently, it is a goal of the HAYES-GENOTER HISTORY AND GENEALOGY LIBRARY to create a section on Pelham today. This section will contain maps, Master Plan Reports and other Planning Studies relating post World War II   Pelham  history.