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Aunt Molly’s Scrap Book

Davies - Atwood Wedding Donovan, Timothy
Davies - Byler, Rev. Leaves 1940 Donovan, Timothy - Civil War Musket donated to Historical Society
Davies - Camp Carlisle 4-H Donovan, Timothy - Obituary
Davies, Elizabeth - Byler, Rev. Leaves 1940 Doran - Gala Day Baby Parade 1930s
Davies, Elizabeth - WWII Doran - Memorial Day Rev. Byler
Davies - Grange Food Baskets for the Needy Doran - Red Cross Swimming Lessons circa 1938
Davies - Grange Photo early 1950s Dracut or Draw Cut
Davies - Grange Whist Party at Town Hall Draft Exemptions - WWI
Davies - Old Home Day 1940 Draft List WWI 45 Names
Davies - Old Home Day 1942 - Article 1 Draft Notices WWII
Davies - Old Home Day 1942 - Article 2 Draft WWI
Davies, Shirley - Jewett/Koehler Wedding Drury, Kenny - Old Home Day Early 1950s
Davies, Shirley - Memorial Day Drury, Lillian - Old Home Day Early 1950s
Davies, Shirley - RN late 1930s Drury, Nelson - Old Home Day Early 1950s
Davies, Shirley - Sings at PTA Picnic Drury, Robert - Old Home Day Early 1950s
Davies - Town Meeting Results WWII period Ducharme, Alfred - Byler, Rev. Leaves 1940
Davis, Grace - Nashua High School Graduates Ducharme, Alfred - Grange Hold Children's Night
Davis - Mothercraft Club lecture 1936-7 Ducharme, Alfred (Mr. & Mrs.) - Daughter Born
Davis, Rev. Norman - Radio License Ducharme, Alfred - Moves into S. E. Mann Place
Dawson - Boutwell, Leland Funeral Ducharme, Arthur - Grange Hold Children's Night
Day - Grange WWI Ducharme - Boy Scouts Good Deed
Day - Hobbs, Harriet Weds Wayne LaBelle Ducharme - Byler, Rev. Leaves 1940
Dead Fish Ducharme - Congregational Church Christmas Fair
Dean - First Communion - St. Patrick's Ducharme - Congregational Church Gala Days 1930s - Rev. Gale
Dennis, Stephen - Junior High Graduation Ducharme, Dolores (Lt.) - Army Nurses Corp WWII
Desautel - Old Home Day 1956 Ducharme, Dolores (Lt.) - RN 1942
Desjardin, Alexis - White's Pond Drowning Carnegie Medal Ducharme, Delores R. N. - Service Flag Hung Pelham Center WWII
Desrosiers - Carleton, Josephine - Funeral circa 1912 Ducharme, Edward
Desrosiers - Grange WWI Ducharme, Edward - White's Pond Drowning Carnegie Medal
Dierig, Emily - Weds Wallace Galucia Ducharme - Fights Ossipee Fire
Dierig - Patriotic Pageant Ducharme - First Communion - St. Patrick's
Dionne - Junkyard Lightening 1940 Ducharme, Frances - Memorial Day circa 1906
Doherty - Barn Fire Ducharme, Gertrude in Hospital
Doherty - Grange Officers - Whist Party 1939 Ducharme, Gertrude - Youth Institute Camp UNH 1939
Doherty, James - WWI Draft Notices Ducharme - Graduation 1942
Doherty - Junior High Graduation 1938 Ducharme - Grange Fair & Meetings late 1940s
Doherty, Mary - Memorial Day circa 1906 Ducharme - Grange Whist Party
Doherty - Memorial Day Rev. Byler Ducharme - Grange Whist Party at Town Hall
Doherty - Old Home Day Pugwash & Training Day circa 1939 Ducharme - Hobbs, Frances Weds Lawrence Cooke
Doherty - Red Cross Military Whist Party Ducharme - Hobbs, Harriet Weds Wayne LaBelle
Doherty - Red Cross Swimming Lessons circa 1938 Ducharme - Junior High Graduation 1938
Doherty - Town Meeting 1926 Ducharme - Ladies Aid Harvest Supper late 1940s
Doherty - WWI News Ducharme, Lucienne - Centre School Graduation
Donovan, Catherine - 80th Birthday 1949 Ducharme - Memorial Day Exercises 1947
Donovan, Catherine - Memorial Day Ducharme - Old Home Day 1940
Donovan, Catherine - Obituary Ducharme - PTA Meeting
Donovan, Catherine - Teacher Assignment - 22nd year Ducharme - Red Cross Swimming Lessons circa 1938
Donovan, Catherine - Town Meeting the Week President Taft Died Ducharme, Roderick - Draft Notices WWII
Donovan - Grange 50th Anniversary Ducharme, Roderick - Junior High Graduation
Donovan - Grange Installation late 1940s Ducharme, Roderick - Lands on Omaha Beach WWII
Donovan - Grange Photo 1946 Ducharme - Visit to Somerville
Donovan - Grange Photo early 1950s Ducharme, Yvonne in Hospital
Donovan - Grange WWI Ducharme - Washington Bicentennial Pageant
Donovan - Grange WWI Period Dutton - Carleton, Josephine - Funeral circa 1912
Donovan - Gumpus School Reunion Dutton - Congregational Church Gala Days 1930s-Rev. Gale period
Donovan - Home Nursing Students 1920s Dutton - Congregational Church History 200th Anniversary 1951
Donovan - Musket Donated to Historical Society 2008 Dutton, Luella - Old Home Day circa 1939 or 40
Donovan - Patriotic Pageant Dutton - Washington Bicentennial Pageant
Donovan - Raymond, Lt. Elmer G. Plane crash funeral WWII  

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